Practical use of pH in hydroponics

by wilben, Last Updated: 2020-03-31

The study of the theoretical aspects of pH and conductivity allows us to engage in the practical application of these parameters.

ph practical applications in hydroponics

No matter what level of plant pH is preferred in soil, they will be hydroponically grown at a slightly acidic pH. This is due to various reasons, and the main one is that at pH 7 and above iron precipitates from the solution. So the highest permissible pH is about 6.8 with a margin for reliability. However, in closed systems, it is still better to maintain a pH below 6.5 to avoid manganese deficiency. To check the minimum possible pH limit, about 20 years ago, a study was conducted at the University of Utah, according to which plants grew well and even at pH 4.5! The study showed that due to the H+ ions released by breathing into the solution, a very thin layer is formed around the root, which is always quite acidic – from 4.5 to 5.5. Thus, we can conclude that the ideal pH does not exist! With different pH values, the absorption force of different elements by plants differs.

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