Hydroponics of the future: development prospects

by Wilben, Last Updated: 2020-03-01

Hydroponic technology ? the technology of the future. This is not questioned. There is not enough arable land and goodwill to provide a huge number of starving people. On a breakthrough in the development of more economical and environmentally friendly hydroponic vegetable cultivation technologies. It is also important to increase not only productivity but also quality.

What is the future of this technology ? hydroponics of tomorrow? In the foreseeable future, there will be no noticeable departure from the methods described above. The decisive changes will come not in the field of hardware, but in the field of ?software? ? the one with which nutrients fill up. There are many interesting studies in this area, and some answers are already looming on the horizon.

Hydroponics of the future

Research is underway to improve or modify existing greenhouse systems. For example, what will happen if you cut the root felt of the plant in half and grow each half in different grooves? Then you can apply the nutrient solution on one side and water on the other. Or give different diets on each side, provoke water stress, on the one hand, and see if the plant produces active principles? Which of these will work? Will the plant grow healthier and the yield increase? In this direction, research is underway.

You can also imagine hybrid technology. For example, the bottom of a tray or chute can be filled with oxygenated water, and the top part filled with mist: this will be a combination of aero-hydroponics and aeroponics. Surely this will make an excellent laboratory system, but on a large scale, it will not be justified economically.

Despite the fact that modern hydroponics will soon knock 100 years, there are still many opportunities for improvements. The emergence of a large community growing plants in hydroponic room cabinets has greatly increased the number of people using hydroponics. Similarly, the number of bright minds that can think about improving what they are doing has increased. If you surf the Internet, you can see that the community of plant growers is very inventive. I hope someone in search of the perfect greenhouse will find this very system of the future for all of us!

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