pH in biopon solutions

Methods for lowering pH in bioponic solutions. Acids that are not recommended.

Organic Hydroponics - Bioponics

What is the basis of bioponics? What is its advantage? Important parameters taken into account when creating an organic hydroponic system.

Building a hydroponic greenhouse

The emergence of home hydroponic greenhouses. The necessary equipment and suitable conditions for this.

Room for hydroponic greenhouse

Requirements for a hydroponic greenhouse. Its distinctive features. What should be considered when organizing a greenhouse for hydroponics?

Humidity in a hydroponic greenhouse

The effect of humidity on the development of plants in a hydroponic greenhouse. How to regulate humidity and temperature in a greenhouse?

Hydroponic greenhouse ventilation

The types of ventilation necessary to maintain the stable functioning of the hydroponic greenhouse. How to calculate the required power of the exhaust fan?

Hydroponic greenhouse lighting

The dependence of the power of lighting lamps on the distance. Units of measurement of light energy. Types of lamps used in the greenhouse. Why is a reflector necessary?

Carbon dioxide CO2 in a hydroponic greenhouse

Why does a plant need carbon dioxide? Why does hydroponics contribute to its better absorption? The maximum allowable carbon dioxide norm for plants. Gas release precautions.

Light-emitting diodes LEDs and their use in hydroponic greenhouse

Modern LEDs, available wave ranges. The main advantages of LED lamps.

Plasma light and its use in a hydroponic greenhouse

The principle of operation of the plasma lamp, its service life. Safety measures if the lamp is damaged.

Odor and its neutralization in hydroponic greenhouse

How to get rid of the smell in a hydroponic greenhouse?. The use of various complementary methods.

Deficiency and plant pests in hydroponics

How to avoid the appearance of deficiencies and diseases in plants grown on hydroponics? What you need to know and what measures should be taken with ailments?

Movable, semi and fixed elements in hydroponic solutions

Signs of deficiency in plants, its causes. Comparison of signs of deficiency and excess elements in a nutrient solution.

Hydroponic plant deficiency

Types of deficiencies in plants. The division of nutrients into two main groups.

Outdoor hydroponics

The possibility of using hydroponics on terraces, verandas, in the garden. What substrate to use, what to be afraid of?

Hydroponics cutting

Methods of growing cuttings in hydroponics. Selection of a suitable hydroponic system. The main stages of the process of grafting in a nutrient solution.

Creating a hydroponic plantation

The advantages of hydroponics over growing in a normal substrate. Which plants are suitable for growing on hydroponics?

Basic Tips for choosing a solution

Points for selecting a nutrient solution for hydroponics. What should I pay attention to?

Substrate Characteristics for Hydroponics

How does one substrate differ from another? Types and characteristics of hydroponic substrates.

Table of the absorption of elements by plants in hydroponics

Different degrees of absorption of elements by plants. Is there an ideal pH of a nutrient solution?

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