Growbox complete sets – Practical Comparison

by Wilben, Last Updated: 2020-03-01

When it comes to your green darlings, you probably only want the best for them in the winter. But especially if a plant is very demanding or you want to maximize the harvest, this is not always so easy.

Because just like humans, plants want to have a regular daily routine. And that can be very difficult sometimes. Even if we do not want it, but the plants.

But to help you and your little bushes to relax better, there are some small tools. So Grow boxes can ensure that the plants can grow without the natural daylight and other influences.

It is a tough job to arrange box and accessories separately to fit those within the box. So instead of buying individual particles, many manufacturers have come up with something: They sell Growbox complete sets, which include next to the box almost everything as of the gardener?s desire.

Growbox complete sets are really a great way to bring the garden into your own four walls. That?s why I thought it would be a good idea to explain to you in more detail what is important in a box. And so that you do not have to go shopping blindly, I?ve also looked at the 5 best box sets that are currently available on the market, a little closer.

So what are we waiting for? Let?s get started!

With a grow box the plants feel well
If you?re already an indoor gardener, and as a started you adjusted a plant lamp over the pots just. This may not be bad for starters, but at some point, you may have noticed that this is not the best solution:

  • Many plants do not grow as well as they do outside.
  • Some even go completely.
  • When you grow fruits, the harvest is less abundant than outdoors.
  • You and your guests may feel a bit disturbance due to the lamplight and smell that some plants may have.

The cause of the first three problems is often quite simple: the plant just does not feel well. Like all other living beings, they need constant circumstances to be healthy and fit.

You know how your body reacts after a long train journey. : Your daily routine just will not work, you feel tired and tired. And if you want to sleep a bit during the day and lie down, you realize very quickly that sleep is not as relaxing as overnight.

This is similar to our plants. Because you must not forget that plants are also connected with other things in the wild than to those that they find in our homes:

  • Most plants grow and bloom between spring and late summer.
  • Accordingly, they are typically concerned to the sunlight at these seasons. In summer, they expect more sun than in the spring, also the solar radiation changes with the seasons. They also need a night?s sleep.
  • In our home, they get the light of the plant lamp, but other light sources can disturb them (try to sleep with the lights on, then you know what I?m talking about).
  • Also, it may be colder or worse ventilated in the apartment, as it knows the plants from nature.

Result: So plants feel the disturbance in their photosynthesis and therefore do not grow as they want and should. Professionals, therefore, try to give their plants as much privacy as possible, so that they only have to do with the light of the plant lamp.

But you need either a single darkened room or a dark basement and honestly, who has so much space available? Grow boxes were invented so that everyone can give their plants what they need. These are tent-like cabinets that isolate the green from the rest of the day, allowing them to focus on growing and flowering. But what do you need for a grow box and how does it work?

How does a grow box work?

Grow boxes are constructed in the same way as a tent: they are supported by rods and can be easily mounted. But you can not compare the small cabinets so easily with a camping tent, because they are designed especially for the well-being of your plants:

  • From the outside, the box is completely opaque. Therefore not only non-transparent material is used, but also on the sewing, much value is placed. So that really no daylight comes into the box, practically all parts are double or even triple secured.
  • The inner material of a Growbox is usually thermally insulated and reflective. Thus, you do not have to worry about temperature fluctuations in the apartment and the lamp is optimally lit ? because almost all sides get light, often increases the yield considerably!
  • In addition, the box is not only protected against light, but also against odors. Foul-smelling flavors stay in the box or do not get into it.

To make sure that your grow box works well, you need some accessories:

  • A plant lamp is obviously very important for profitability. Particularly popular are
    • Sodium vapor lamps (NDL, for flowering or as a combination bulb for growth and flowering)
    • Metal halide lamps (MH, for growth).
    • Energy-saving lamps (ESL).
  • A reflector ensures that the light is emitted in all directions and then illuminates all parts of the plants evenly over the likewise reflecting inner layer of the box.
  • To ensure air circulation (after all, plants are breathing too), the box must be connected to an air tube and a fan.
  • An activated charcoal filter filters out unpleasant aromas from the air, so that the box is odorless to the outside.


More growth and yield
Grow boxes make indoor gardening easier and more successful. So the plants grow in an environment that comes close to their natural habitat, much faster, especially because they are evenly illuminated to the reflectors. This is then reflected in the flowering and finally in the harvest: you get more out of your plants than in the room light.

No disturbing light in the apartment
Plant lamps are necessary, but can also disturb quite a bit. If you want to have a cozy winter evening, you can probably imagine that the lamps can pretty much ruin the ambiance. With a grow box, it now matters of the past: The light of the plant lights stays perfectly in the box and the efficiency of the lamps is increased as well as no one feels disturbance due to bright light.

Heat and odorless
The inner material ensures a constant temperature inside the box ? they are often so well insulated that even thermal cameras reach their limits! Due to the very good sealing also no odors come to the outside, so you do not have to worry about unpleasant aromas in the apartment.


Acquisition cost
Now I do not want to lean too far out the window and say that a box has only advantages. A disadvantage of Grow boxes are the acquisition costs because all the accessories cost money. But your plants also deliver better results than on the windowsill.

Energy consumption and heat
The electricity bill can be a problem with a grow box. Especially NDL and MH lamps consume a lot of energy. The heat development can be enormous, which is why I recommend you to check every now and again for the right. You can bypass this at least a bit if you opt instead for an ESL.

What should you look for when buying?

So, a grow box offers many advantages and is rightly regarded by many as an introduction to professional home gardening. But with the many boxes on the market, it is also very easy to commit a bad buy because the product does not live up to its own claims.

That?s why I?ve created a small guide for you that takes into account the key criteria for buying.

size: Finding the right size is probably one of the most important things you need to know before you buy. Because if your box is too small, some plants will have to stand outside. Large boxes consume energy unnecessarily. So you should put your plants together before buying and see how much space they consume. Based on this, you can order a box ? from very small with about 0.36 m2 floor area to very large with a cultivation area of 1.5 m2 and more, everything is available.

Lamp: Equally important is the right lamp. You build in a small area and want to save energy? Then probably an ESL will be the right choice. For large growing areas or plants in need of light, you should look for a powerful, but also power-eating NDL or MH, where the performance should be higher with a larger surface area (a 1.5 m2 tent should already have 400 to 600 watts). How demanding are your plants? If you put a few demands, a combination bulb growth/flowering will be sufficient, they need more care, it probably comes around a lamp with changing color spectrum or individual growth/bloom lamps around.

Insulation: For a Grow box to work well, the insulation must be right. So make sure that the material is well sewn, preferably double and triple. With the inner material, you should make sure that it is very reflective, as standard Mylar or similar substances have become established.

Ventilation: Finally, ventilation is very important. On the one hand, it helps to keep the temperature as low as possible, especially with very warm NDLs. On the other hand, your plant can breathe better. So watch out for good air circulation, expressed in m3 per hour ? the higher the better.

The 5 best Growbox complete sets
It depends not only on the set but also on your claims ? in two plant pots, for example, one and a half square meters of space hardly worth it. That?s why I have sorted out the 5 best grow box sets that I think there is to buy at the moment, according to the possible claims you could have. So you will definitely find the right box for your requirements.

Direct comparison of the complete sets

1. Growbox GrowPro 2.0 XS Set

You have little to grow and are looking for a complete solution, where you can start immediately? Then the proven GrowPro 2.0 set is something for you. The manufacturer also offers solutions for larger applications. So here you will find a box for 0.64 m? floor area, here for 1 m? and here for 1.44 m? (but each with NDL bulbs)!

With an acreage of about 0.36 m2, the set is very small but still powerful. Because due to the innovative SuperFlaps technology, you can be sure that neither light nor odors are a problem, the tent is practically completely sealed! Nevertheless, good ventilation is provided, the ventilation system manages to circulate every hour, 187 m3 per hour ? for such a small box a very remarkable value!

The lamp used is an electro-energy-saving lamp, which should save a lot of power with 125 watts and does not need an annoying ballast. However, this lamp is designed only for growth, for the flowering phase, you would have to buy another bulb. The disadvantage of this energy-saving type of lighting, however, is that the life of 10,000 hours is somewhat short.

You are looking for a high-quality and at the same time power-saving box for smaller projects? Then the GrowPro 2.0 XS set is probably the best choice for you. Here you can order it at the best price.


  • High quality
  • Very strong ventilation
  • Energy-saving lamp energy-saving and without ballast
  • Superflap technology ensures good sealing


  • Lamp designed only for growth
  • Lamp life is short

2. Greenception Set

But maybe you are one of the more advanced indoor gardeners who have sophisticated plants and want their big home beds to finally thrive in a box. The set by Greenception is perfectly suited for this, as it offers excellent technology paired with quality on a 1.44 m2 floor space.

The box is made of Oxford fabric and is pleasing light and air impermeable. It is sewn in two or three times everywhere, so smells and rays of light remain outside or inside. However, your plants do not need to worry about getting too little air. This is ensured by the very powerful fan, which can exchange very considerable 280 m3 of air per hour. The lighting material is very flexible because unlike other box sets, Greenceptions product includes two 600 watt lamps, namely one MH for growth and one NDL for flowering. Due to the high power (which is also associated with a high energy bill), this set is especially suitable if your plants in the box need a lot of light. Should it be a little smaller? Then Greenception also offers sets with 0.64 m2 floor space (and 250 W lamps) and 1 m2 (with 600 W lamps).

Performance and quality are not negotiable for you? Then the Greenception set is a good choice!


  • Sewn two to three times everywhere
  • Double luminescent material for growth and flowering, high performance
  • Very powerful fan


  • A little high power consumption

3. EQT Systems Set

You want to start with a large area right away, but you want or need to limit your budget a bit? In this case, there is the Starter Growbox Set by EQT Systems, which has a floor area of ​​a proud 1.44 m2.

Because this set comes with a lot of accessories ? In addition to the usual equipment that you need to operate a box, it also contains a measuring cup and even 12 flowerpots! So you can unpack the set, connect and get started! For starters, I advise you not to use too demanding plants, because, for a box of this size, the ventilation system with an air exchange of 190 m3 per minute is somewhat weak. For such projects is quite sufficient but the combined growth/flowering NDL from the house Agrolite, which shines with adequate 400 watts on the plantlets. The price can convince ? you will hardly find a cheaper set in this size!

So if you want to combine a lot of space with a low price, you probably can not get past the EQT set. Here you can order it quickly and safely. And if you do not need that much space, you?ll find a smaller version (0.64 m2, 250 watts) from the manufacturer here.


  • Very much accessories
  • Combined growth and bloom lamp
  • Cheap price


  • Slightly weak ventilation

4. Nice Grow complete set

If you?re looking for a full-featured mid-size box with a fair price-performance ratio, you might want to consider whether the Nice Grow complete set could be for you.

With 1 m2 of floor space, the box (used by Mammoth) is big enough even if you have more than a few plants, so you do not have to worry about claustrophobia. On the whole, it is well-made, only on the ground, which is not very waterproof, you have to compromise. The light source used is a Vanguard 400 watt NDL, which is perfectly suited for the area and designed for both growth and flowering. Especially the longevity of the lamp you will be pleased ? the manufacturer speaks of 24,000 hours ? far more than most other lamps afford! And your wallet will not be burdened too much, because for a set of this size it is comparatively cheap.

Does the Nice Grow Set fulfill your requirements? Then you can order it at the best price.


  • Very good ventilation
  • Long-life lamp
  • Cheap price


  • Soil not completely waterproof

5. Panoramix Set

If you want to try out what a grow box can do for you, then you certainly do not want to spend too much. A small (floor space of 0.36 m2), but also an opportunity to enter the world of boxing, which is not to be underestimated, is the set of Panoramix.

The well-made box is illuminated by a 125 watt ESL ? although it is rather short-lived with approximately 8,000 operating hours, but you can also do without ballast and can reduce your electricity costs properly! A special highlight of the lamp is that it has a growth and flowering mode. So you can change the color temperature depending on the development phase. The price of the set is very low ? you will hardly be able to get into the Growbox world much cheaper. However, an activated carbon filter is missing, so if you do not have one, you have to reach into your pocket again.

So if you are looking for the lowest price, you probably can not get past the Panoramix set. You can order it cheap and at the best price.


  • Variable growth and bloom lamp in one
  • Energy saving
  • Attractively priced


  • Short life lamp
  • No activated carbon filter included

Which one is the best from XZY: My View

The best Growbox Complete is, in my opinion, the Greenception set. It convinces me above all by the fact that it really contains everything you need if you want to get started right away.

Bulbs for growth and flowering phase are included, with which one can illuminate a proper area of plants. A powerful fan and activated carbon filter complete the offer.

The grow tents by Greenception can convince me anyway and if you want to start growing indoors right away, you can hit it with confidence.


If you want to give your plants a rest, so that they can grow up undisturbed, then you can not get around a grow box. It isolates all outside influences so that your green darlings inside can grow and thrive as they should.

The highly reflective material inside the box also distributes the light so evenly that the growth ? and later your harvest ? is much better than on the windowsill. Thus, they are recommended for all of you who want to make the indoor gardening an absolute sense of achievement and also do not want to be disturbed by the plants or the lighting.

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