Deep Flow Hydroponic Technique DFT

by Wilben, Last Updated: 2020-03-01

Deep flow technique is one of the nutrient layers methods. By gluing a piece of plastic in the lower part of the gutter so that it reaches its middle in depth, we get a gutter depth of up to 4 cm. It uses the more nutrient flow technique, not the nutrient layer technique. The circulation mode is maintained at the same volume, but there is no inclination since the troughs are located horizontally. The nutrient solution flows down from the top. The difference is that in this scheme the gutters serve as gutters, and in them, the depth of the water flow is 4?5 cm. This avoids many of the problems of NFT. Due to the large volume of water, the buffer action of the system increases, the acidity of the nutrient solution, temperature and dissolved ions stabilize. Decreases the dependence of the system on possible pump damage. Of course, plants consume only part of the nutrients and water. The system is operated in a closed mode.

Deep flow technique

This is an excellent example of what looks beautiful on paper but does not work well in reality. This system was tested many years ago with varying success and was soon abandoned. All experiments with a system of this type have led to the same depressing results: it is difficult, perhaps even impossible to ensure the uniformity of plants, and this is one of the success factors. This will happen even if the gutter is short, and the solution moves a small distance. Since the nutrient solution is delivered to one point, the plants that are farther than this point do not receive as much oxygen as the plants that are near. In addition, some rapidly absorbed elements, such as potassium, are soon drying up or their level falls below the desired level.

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