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by Wilben, Last Updated: 2020-03-01

If you want to grow your plant even in the dark season, then it will always be easier. Because of the latest technological developments, it is no longer a problem for hobby gardeners to grow plants in their own homes ? no matter how cold and dark it may be outside.

With the advancement in LED technology, It consists of a powerful plant lamp and does not consume as much power as used in earlier days. But even away from the lighting many progress has been made. Thus, e.g. Grow Tents and Grow Cabinets are becoming increasingly popular.

Below, I?ll tell you the working of grow tents and grow cabinets as well as what benefits they can bring to you. And so you know that what products are currently on the market, I?ve also put together a small list of the best currently available grow tents and grow cabinets. Are you ready? Here we go!

Grow tents and grow cabinets are becoming increasingly popular

Grow Tents and Grow Cabinets are small, either portable or permanently installed boxes, in which the plants grow and thrive regardless of the daily stress.

You may ask yourself, ?Is not it unnatural to breed your plants in a small box?? But do not worry, just the opposite is true: grow tents allow plants to grow as they are with their natural environment.

At the same time, both the owner and the plants benefit from a grow tent. The plants can grow undisturbed as well as the owner too from the light of the plant lamps. But how exactly do grow tents and grow cabinets work?

What brings a grow tent?

If you?ve ever planted plants in the darker seasons at home, you probably know that sometimes it?s not so easy to get good results. Because many plants can be pretty demanding and then cause problems with home growing.

This does not mean that they will not grow. But especially newcomers report that their plants just do not reach the quality they are used to growing outdoors. There are many reasons that we can all probably understand:

  • Like humans and animals, plants also have an ?internal clock?.
  • Plants need a daytime phase with plenty of light and a night?s sleep.
  • The season also plays a role: A plant that flowers in May, would like to have as much light in winter as it is used to from May.

If you have ever had to deal with a time difference during a long distance trip, you may be able to imagine how plants can fare in winter: Even if they are lit regularly with a plant lamp, they get other external influences such as daylight or the Room lighting with. This can irritate them so much that they thrive worse than in their natural environment.

Many indoor gardeners have noticed this problem and searched for solutions. Some people, therefore, relocate their plants with lighting into a dark room, e.g. in the basement. But this also has some disadvantages:

  • Such a solution needs a lot of space, not everyone has a free room only for his plants.
  • In a closed room, the ventilation conditions are usually poor.
  • The temperature is usually different than in the wild.

All of these points can really diminish the yield of your plants.

Therefore, more and more plant lovers swear in their own homes on grow tents or grow cabinets. In these containers, there is enough space for plants, the associated plant lamp, and proper ventilation.

These are completely opaque containers in which there is enough space for plants and the associated plant lamp. In them, the little green darlings can grow as undisturbed as they are used to from the wild. The interior of a grow tent or cabinet is usually made of reflective material. This will increase the lamplight and illuminate the plant more evenly. This increases the efficiency of the lamp and saves electricity costs at the same time because you can achieve better results with a grow tent / grow cabinet with less power.

I always talk about grow tents and grow cabinets, but what?s the difference between the two? Actually, there is not a big one: Grow Cabinets are permanently installed cabinets, which are particularly suitable for longer-lasting and larger projects. Grow tents, on the other hand, are lighter and more portable installations: they are easy to assemble and disassemble, so they can always be placed where they are needed.


Better Yield
In a grow tent, the plant is undisturbed and can, if you properly lit, aerated and watered, grow just as it is used to outdoors. Therefore, plants that are grown in a grow tent / grow cabinet, usually much better than if you would grow them in the room. This significantly increases the yield. Another positive side effect: glaring plant lamp does not disturb you and your guests.

Lower costs
As grow tents and grow cabinets reflect the light of the plant lamp, a lamp does more in the end. This means that you can use a low-power plant lamp with slightly less power without compromising the efficiency of the dim light.

little need for space
Grow tents and grow lamps are a lot more space-saving than a dark gardener?s room. You really do not need more space than the plant itself.


Acquisition Cost
The only downside of grow rooms and grow tents actually is the high initial costs. Because you not only need the cabinet/tent and a plant lamp, but also a ventilation system to regulate the air circulation and the temperature. However, this pays off in the long term due to better yields and lower electricity costs.

What you should pay attention to when buying

But beware: not every grow tent is the same. So that your plants thrive as well as possible, you should also pay attention to quality. The following things are especially important:

A grow tent / grow cabinet must be stable because with all the accessories it has a lot to wear. That?s why a durable scaffold is a must. You should make sure that the rods are not made of plastic but of metal.

This avoids that the tent or the cabinet breaks under the load and damage plants or accessories.

Grow tents and grow cabinets are usually made of polyester. Particularly important is the material of the interior: It must be able to reflect the light very well, in order to make the efficiency of the lamp as high as possible. As standard material, biaxially oriented polyester films have been established, the most common inner material being Mylar.

In order not to disturb lighting and ventilation, a grow tent / grow cabinet must be sealed as much as possible. This means that the tent or cabinet wall must be as opaque as possible, the thicker the cover material, the better. Also, need to be well insulated, the openings, so the zippers and ventilation and lamp openings.

Very good grow tents and grow cabinets are double sealed here. It is also important against unwanted water formation that the soil is processed properly.

Best grow tents in comparison

Grow tents and grow cases offer many benefits for the ambitious hobby gardener. If you want to buy such a box, then you can look forward to:

The market for high-quality grow tents and grow cabinets is growing steadily. But you are also spoiled for choice. So you do not despair when choosing, I have put together for you a small guide that includes 5 especially high-quality grow tents.

Growbox GrowPRO 2.0

Growbox GrowPRO 2.0 S is probably one of the most popular grow cases on the market ? rightly so! Because with it you can achieve optimal results in a small space (80 x 80 x 160 centimeters).

Do you need more space for your plants? No problem! The grow box is also available in sizes L (100 cm base) and XL (120 cm base). And even for the very space-saving among you is provided with the XS variant with just 60 centimeters of space.

If you are looking for good quality, then you will make a good choice with the Growbox. Because it is worn by high-quality processed metal rods. With the high-quality polyester material that is wrapped around the tent, outdoor light also has no chance. Since inside highly reflective Mylarfolie is used, your plants can grow so quietly. And you also do not have to worry about unpleasant odors that come out of the box, because state-of-the-art Super Flap technology seals the box so that no unwanted air flows in or out.

Although such processing has its price, it is more than fair for such a high-quality cabinet.

If you?re looking for the highest quality grow tent, GrowPRO 2.0 S should be your first choice.


  • Easy to set up
  • Robust quality
  • Very good light and air protection


  • Comparatively expensive

LightHouse Max Grow Cabinet

Do you value quality and grow a lot of plants? Then the Max Grow Cabinet from Lighthouse could be something for you. The cabinets of this manufacturer are namely particularly large: The smallest copy covers 50 x 100 x 180 centimeters, for the particularly hardworking gardeners but there are also, for example. a grow cabinet with a bombastic 300 x 300 x 200 centimeters.

The cabinet is very stable due to its metal frame and assembling is also very easy. If you have a lot of plants, then it is especially important that not too much light comes in and maybe even spoils the crop. With the Max Grow Cabinet, you do not have to worry about it, because all openings are sealed twice, which also prevents unpleasant odors from escaping to the outside! And also plant lamp is provided: In order to reflect it optimally, the interior is provided with modern UltraLux material.

Of course, such a top product is not free. If you have a rather small budget, you will probably be more likely to have another tent/cabinet in mind.


  • Very stable framework
  • Good light reflection
  • All openings sealed twice


  • Bit expensive

Secret Jardin Hydroshoot Grow Cabinet

Secret Hardin?s Hydroshoot Grow Cabinet is a bit like the entry-level model of the well-known manufacturer of high-quality cabinets. If you?re a budget hobby gardener, this closet may be for you, because it?s very popular with them.

Because the cabinet is very productive: The dimensions of 80 x 80 x 160 centimeters may initially not seem very large, but this space can also be used fully. So if you have little free space in your apartment, then this cabinet is tailor-made for you! It does not matter if you have a permanent place or have to change your plants now and then ? due to its generally good workmanship, it can not only be built quickly, but also the dismantling and reconstruction are easy elsewhere and cost only a few minutes.

Externally, the cabinet is made of light-proof polyester. Inside you do not have to worry about lighting your plants, because a proven Mylearschicht ensures optimal light reflection.

Only at the bottom, you should be careful ? it is only sewn together once. So while it is protected against the light from the outside, I would not want to guarantee that it is waterproof.

So, if you have high horticultural demands, but too little space and a limited budget, then you should hit the Secret Jardin Hydroshoot while it is still cheap.


  • Very effective space design
  • Well processed
  • Good value for money


  • Ground just is sewn

Mammoth Classic DS60 grow tent

You prefer to build your plants in a small area and are ready to make your hobby a little something, but not to cost the world? Then the Mammoth DS60 grow tent could be something for you.

The tent can be put together in minutes, even if you are not very skilled in craftsmanship. Robust tent poles are made of zinc-compacted steel. So you do not have to worry about the carrying capacity of the tent ? even with solid accessories, it stands like a one! Despite its small footprint, it offers enough space for the installation of all kinds of accessories, be it a lamp, or even a fan. It completely fulfills its purpose: daylight is left out and your little green darlings can grow undisturbed.

You should only be careful if you press the zipper of the opening. This is stuck, as users report, sometimes stuck. Therefore: the tent slowly and gently open as too fast.

If you are looking for good quality for your smaller system at a fair price, then you should be active in the Mammoth Classic DS60. Here you will find the best price. You are looking for a functional, unfussy tent for larger projects? Then, for example, The DS150 from the same manufacturer with a solid 150 centimeters of floor space to be something for you!


  • Can be set up without problems
  • Pretty tough
  • Good light reflection inside, lightproof to the outside


  • Zipper can easily pinch

Finether grow tent

You have to pay attention to your budget, but you do not want to miss a high quality grow tent? Maybe you?ll be interested in the grow tent of Finether. It comes in two sizes: A smaller tent with 60 x 60 x 140 centimeters and a larger one with a base of 120 centimeters and a height of 200 centimeters.

No matter which of the two tents you decide on: you do not have to worry about the quality. For a budget tent, the Finether model is amazingly well made. The metal bars are very stable and the polyester shell is completely opaque. So that no daylight really gets to the plants, the tent is even sewn twice! Since the zippers of the opening work very well, your plants can feel as comfortable as the outside, despite the low price.

You should, however, bring a little manual skill. Some users complain that sometimes the bars do not fit properly. The remedy is a tin shears from the hardware store, with which you can easily cut the rods.

If you are looking for the cheapest price, then you probably can not get around a grow tent by Finether. Here you can order it fast, cheap and uncomplicated.


  • Very good workmanship
  • Double sewn, therefore very opaque
  • Very cheap price


  • Sometimes a bit difficult to build

For me the best grow tent

The best grow tent is the Growbox GROWPRO 2.0 S. This Grow Cab convinces with its very good workmanship, the stable and light construction and the reflective inner walls, which enhances the performance of your plant lamps even more. This is a tent where you will have your fun for a long time!


If you?re looking for ways to grow your plants naturally in your own home, then you should opt for a grow tent.

Because with it, is possible to control exactly how the plants should be illuminated and to provide them with the perfect conditions for optimal growth.

With some accessories such as a plant lamp, aerator, and timer, you can easily provide your plants with a perfect environment for maximum growth.

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